Their Bright Future
Our Mission

We live in a fast changing world. The changes coming in the future require education to prepare children for a world of rapid change in technology, increasing interconnectedness, and new demand of industries. No longer is the focus on mastering content knowledge sufficient in the age of social media and Google. New job roles are emerging today that no one thought about fews years ago and many knowledge and skills have become obsolete. 

At Gracaspring, we take this into consideration by preparing our pupils and students for tomorrow. 

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About us gracaspring schools
About Us

Gracaspring Schools are a unique set of schools that will redefine and reposition Nigeria's education. Having a unique blend of Nigerian and British curriculum, our Academy Project tagged 'PROJECT NEXT' is what will set us apart from any school in Nigeria

Gracaspring Schools  is one of the projects embarked upon by Prestige & Graca Ltd, a corporate organisation that focus majorly on education.

At Prestige & Graca, our mission is to be the organisation that has the biggest influence on the educational sector in Africa and create positive changes in the sector.

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Building a lifestyle of excellence

At Gracaspring schools, our mission is to raise a generation that value excellence. It will be their lifestyle




3 Months and above


15 Months to 29 Months


30 Months to 40 Months


42 Months  and above


Year 1

4 years and above

Year 2

5 years and above

Year 3

6 years and above

Year 4

7 years and above

Year 5

8 years and above

Year 6

9 years and above

Junior Secondary 

Year 7

10 years and above

Year 8

11 years and above

Year 9

12 years and above

Senior Secondary 

Year 10

13 years and above

Year 11

14 years and above

Year 12

15 years and above


16 years and above

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Our Campuses

The chains of schools will be set up in the following locations;

1. Ogba

2. Festac

3. Ikoyi

4. Lekki

5. Ajah

6. Magodo

7. Ikeja GRA

8. Ajao Estate

9. Surulere

10. Gbagada

11. Egbeda

Why Choose Us
10 Years of Experience

As an organisation, we have been servicing the educational sector for a decade.

Team Of Experts

Our team are competent and professional

Project Next the unique gifting of every child and develop those abilities - raising the next big talent in science & tech, art & craft, enterprise & commerce, sport etc.